The Five Worst & Five Best Foods for Children’s Teeth

While you might forget the last meal you had, your teeth probably haven’t. At least not without a good brushing and flossing. As you can imagine there are some best and worst foods for your child’s (and your) teeth.

Bad Foods

  • Pre-packaged lunches
    These may be easy and convenient to provide, but after looking at the nutrition facts you may think twice about giving them to your kids. They are mostly processed foods and contains lots of sugars that love to get stuck to your teeth.
  • Breakfast Cereals
    While there are some good options out there, most breakfast cereals are also high in sugar and can latch onto your teeth. Especially if you don’t brush after breakfast, that sugar could be stuck on your teeth all day until your nightly brush. It is best not to have those sugary cereals, but if you do want a sugary cereal for breakfast, be sure to properly brush before leaving the house.
  • Potato Chips and Gold Fish Crackers
    This high-starch food is notorious for getting stuck in and between your teeth. This is another snack you’ll want to brush your teeth within 30 minutes after eating.

Good Foods

  • Water
    Not only is water an essential part of a diet, tap water can provide much needed fluoride to your diet. Water can also act as a cleaning agent after a snack, just not as a total replacement for brushing.
  • Veggies
    Not only are they good for your overall health, most veggies are good for your teeth as well providing essential vitamins. Tofu and leafy greens can be especially nutritious.
  • Dairy
    Dairy products can counteract the acid found in some unhealthy food. It also provides calcium, an important building block in your body. Some milks have extra vitamins added like Vitamin D, which can help the body use calcium
  • Sugarless Gum
    You probably don’t think of gum as healthy, but sugarless gum can actually act as a scrubbing agent cleaning your teeth. If that sugarless gum has Xyitol in it (a plant-based sugar) it can actually fight tooth decay by working against bacteria.


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