Do your Children Hate Brushing?

Never fear, great tips are here! The most important thing is to not give up. Healthy brushing and flossing techniques are crucial to a healthy child. Here are some tips to make brushing time a fun time for your children.

Positive Reinforcement
Depending on the age and personality of your child, something as simple as a sticker on a chart each night might be enough of a reward to change their opinion on brushing those teeth. Be creative!

Give Your Child the Responsibility
Letting your child pick out their toothbrush such as one with a character could go a long way to inspiring them to take part in a brushing routine.

Keep a schedule
Making a routine of brushing as the last thing before bed and the first thing in the morning creates habits and routines that are easier to stick too.

Be a Role Model
Brushing and flossing alongside your child can inspire them as well. Hopefully with you next to them, they will have a big smile as they pick up that toothbrush to complete their nightly routine.


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