What can our “Dental Home” offer?

Dental care should not be something that you have to do twice a year, it should something that a child incorporates into their daily routine. We pride ourselves on teaching your child proper oral hygiene techniques to prevent dental disease. Prevention is our goal, however, there are times when treatment is needed. Our office provides comprehensive dental care, inpatient sedation, general anesthesia in a hospital setting, orthodontic screenings and interventions as needed.

Dr. Gallo looks forward to welcoming you and your child to Southwoods Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Gallo is a board certified pediatric dentist. She serves infants, children, teens and young adults, and patients of various ages with special health care and medical needs in the Capital District, surrounding Adirondack and Upstate New York areas.

Being a mom of three children herself, she understands that children require compassion. Our team at Southwoods Pediatric Dentistry encourages patients that may have some anxiety about their first dental visit, have previously had a poor dental experience, or may need some desensitization, to bring their child in for a special “Just Say Hello! “ visit. Your child can take a tour of the office, meet Dr. Gallo and the team to become familiar with us. This visit should occur before your child’s scheduled appointment.

Remember, our team is always willing to discuss any needs your child might have prior to their scheduled appointment.